Domaine Henry Fuchs et Fils

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Who are we ?

We are a family estate located in Ribeauvillé since 1922, in the heart of the Alsace wine route.

Cathy and Henri share their love for land and passion for wine with their children Paul and Julie.

The 4 of us represent the third and fourth generations of Henry Fuchs winemakers.

Our Values

The winemaker is always delighted to share their passion.

For four generations, the Henry Fuchs estate has believed in working the vineyard whilst staying in harmony with its environment, with the aim of producing elegant and distinguished wines.

More than anyone, we are aware that the fruit of our work is a promise for friends to share at the table in a festive and convivial mood.

Cathy, Henri, Paul et Julie Fuchs

Our terroir
Similar to the Alsace wine-growing region, our domain is very fragmented.

The total area is ??10.5 hectares among which 1.07 hectares on the Kirchberg Grand Cru, 0.11 hectares on the Osterberg Grand Cru and 0.5 hectares on the Hagel lieu-dit

Our plots are located in Ribeauvillé, Hunawihr and Bergheim, known for marl-limestone terroirs that suits the great Alsace grape varieties perfectly well, particularly Rieslings. Indeed, limestones bring a long and complex acidity to the wines, enhanced by the power of the marls.

The Hagel lieu-dit stands as a great exception in our vineyard with a terroir of gneiss, a magmatic rock that becomes coarse sand over time. This soil retains little moisture but keeps a great wealth of mineral elements, giving wines from this terroir an extremely fine and chiseled acidity.

Our ethics in the vineyards

Since the estate was established, the successive winemakers have always aimed to conserve their land.

Our belief is to respect what nature is willing to give us.

We work our land and our vines paying close attention to minimise the stress put on the vineyard's balance. This balance is a complex alchemy between earth, climate, vines and know-how.

In this search for an ideal balance, our yields are mostly low. This is essential in order to achieve a good expression of grape variety but also of minerality, which is drawn by the roots close to the source rock. We do not use weedkiller; we allow natural weeds to arise and control their growth through superficial plowing. This way, roots are forced to go deep to search for nutriments they no longer find on the upper layers of the soil.

Thanks to this meticulous labour, a wide diversity of plants and flowers grow in our vines, showing the vibrant healthiness of the land!

The estate obtained the organic label "Ecocert" in 2011.

Our Policy in the cellar

After manual harvesting, our grapes are very gently pressed in whole bunch.

A first sedimentation by simple gravity allows us to clarify the musts, which then ferments without added yeast for the most part.

Prior to fermentation, we add the minimum of sulphur necessary to preserve the fragile aromas of our Alsace wines.

In the cellar, we try to accompany the natural process of each wine in limiting interventions, the primary goal being to produce wines as pure and elegant as possible.

Come and meet us !

When you are next in Alsace, come and visit us. Ideally, make an appointment in advance, just in case you should find our doors closed.
We are a family vineyard and we are involved in all stages of the winemaking, in the vineyards or in the cellar, depending on the season.

Mr FUCHS Henri - 8 rue du 3 décembre 68150 RIBEAUVILLE - Phone 03 89 73 61 70

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